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Automate Role-Play Training

Onboard and ramp salespeople faster using RampEX, the worlds first AI-powered immersive sales simulator.

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Practice Makes Perfect.

RampEX lets sales teams gain experience and keep skills sharp through rigorous repetition via interactive mock sales interactions.

Fully Automated Role-play

Create and share interactive AI-powered role-play simulations that mimic real-world customer interactions

Reports that Matter

Receive audio/video training reports, enriched by RampEX's soft skill performance insights and analytics

Built for Large Teams

10 to 10,000+ reps, ensure consistent training happens at scale by codifying the delivery and reporting of role-play training

Create Powerful Training

Think of RampEX as a sales batting cage that pitches reps the real-world objectionsquestions, and conversations they’ll need to handle when dealing with customers. We’ve developed simulation technology that hacks a rep’s ability to gain real-world experience.

  • Authoring tools for voice-enabled/conversational training content
  • Easily edit, share, and authorize  role-play simulations
  • Incorporate proven training methodologies

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Develop Next-Gen Enablement Content

Where are your sales scripts and playbooks today? Google Drive? Word? A 3-ring binder?

In RampEX, the enablement content you develop gets directly fed to the simulation engine that strengthens your reps. No more forgotten docs and folders.

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Advanced Authoring Tools

Easily develop, organize, and publish real-world sales interactions as engaging simulation content.

Auto Reporting + Coaching

Utilize real-time collected performance data in uncovering training insights and let Machine Learning let coach reps on the fly.

Easy Groups + Permissions

Differentiate between teams, authorize access to content, and assign role-play simulations with only a few clicks.

Automated Role-Play Simulator

No more having to coordinate schedules, hire 3rd parties, or consumer managers schedules. RampEX's Automated Role-Play Simulator is always ready to engage with your reps - wherever and whenever.

Phone Calls

Voice only role-plays are possible with RampEX's phone simulator. Reps are able to practice navigating complex customer interactions.

Video Conferencing

Voice + video enabled role-plays deliver engaging training opportunities with responsive AI agents. Giving reps the opportunity to learn to speak with "customers" without ever loosing a lead.


Allow for presentation prep like never before using RampEX's Presentation Simulator. Creating dynamic pitch environments that challenge the rep on key knowledge in real-time.


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